Come and See


Please consider teaming with us on a short or long term field experience we call "Come and See." The Come and See program has a number of objectives that are designed to provide the maximum spiritual benefit:

-- Connection with our mission. A visit to Mexico City is the perfect way to gain insight into the calling God has given us for the Mexican people. You will get to see firsthand the efforts involved in ministry to this major metropolis and the challenges and blessings we experience .
-- Spiritual renewal. Many who are a part of Come and See experience a spiritual renewal as their focus is taken away from everyday life and shifted to eternal matters. In these circumstances, God often provides opportunities to use your spiritual gifts which you may not have experienced outside of the mission field.
-- Sharing the Gospel. With 19.2 million inhabitants, greater Mexico City is the second largest metro area in the world. Many of these precious souls do not know Christ. Our soulwinning program is Spirit-led, aggressive and effective. You do not have to speak Spanish to participate in this life-changing ministry. The blessings you see as a result will forever alter the way you think about sharing your faith.

Our Come and See schedule for 2011 is now under construction. Please select the Contact Us link, indicate your interest in participating, and I will send you more information.

For those who are already committed to participating in a Come and See experience, the link below provides some essential travel information.

Mission Traveler's Checklist  (Microsoft Word doc - 25k)

Hope to see you in Mexico City!

Missionary David Combe
Jeremiah 9:23-24